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VR training application for pilots
Our client wanted to streamline the learning process for pilots and aircraft mechanics using their e-learning platform. They decided to add an interactive VR plug-in to their courses, and suggested adding gamification elements to increase engagement.

Key functionalities:
Our team developed a VR platform to enhance the learning process for pilots and aircraft mechanics. The platform includes three modes: learning, training and exam. In learning mode, pilots can see 3D models of aircraft and how they operate, as well as watch videos and view educational materials In training mode, pilots can practice various procedures in a simulated environment. If they make a mistake, the program will tell them how to fix it. The goal of this part is to help pilots remember and master the procedures they need to know. Gamification elements, such as interactive games and challenges, are also used to make the training mode more engaging and rewarding. In exam mode, pilots can take a virtual exam that mirrors the conditions of the real exam. Upon completion, they will receive a report showing what they did well and where they need to improve. The program also has an automatic feedback system that suggests what study material should be repeated.

Horus Prison Break VR
Horus Prison Break VR is a VR game in which we play the role of an imprisoned resistance member. With the help of a small road, the player has to solve tasks, look for clues, and combine facts to get out of successive prison rooms.

The game uses mechanics that take full advantage of VR, making puzzle solving even more rewarding.

Release in 2023


Save the City
Augmented reality city game. Walk, play, explore and discover your city.

The first augmented reality city game in Poland. A game in which we have prepared augmented reality tasks and additional tasks. The augmented reality tasks relate to the place where it is available, for example, near the Tadeusz Nalepa monument you can play "When I was a little boy" on the guitar, and near the city fountain the player must arrange the appropriate water supply. Side tasks encourage you to look for information on buildings, monuments and other objects in the city. The game uses geolocation and to activate a task you have to go to the right places. The game is available in Rzeszów and Katowice, where we cooperated with the cities' offices. In production, we also collaborated with brands such as G2A and Centrum Zdrowia Medyk.

Vinci Box
We jointly developed the Vinci Box project and introduced a gamification element to the entire project. A key element was the design and development of an augmented reality application that is an integral part of the game. The app uses marker scanning technology to generate interactive and animated 3D objects in AR. Players must use a tablet to perform various tasks that interact with the physical elements of the box.


Visit Rzeszów
Audioguide in Rzeszów with augmented reality elements. Earn points and badges for activity in the city.

Audioguide in Rzeszow with augmented reality. The guide is divided into special thematic walks. Each route has stops where you can listen to information. At the stop you can also view photo galleries. The guide is enriched with special quizzes that allow you to test the knowledge gained during the walk. Special badges can be earned through in-game activities. The augmented reality module allows you to see what the city looked like 100 years ago.



Prison Break
Escape room in augmented reality in multiplayer mode!

Connect with friends and get out of jail together.

A unique augmented reality game that turns rooms into one big playground. A puzzle game where you have to associate facts, find certain things and connect them together. Multiplayer mode also available.



Mechanic Brain Puzzle AR
Expand your mind through tasks not of this earth!

A casual game in which players solve logic puzzles placed on 3D objects and displayed in augmented reality.

Logic Puzzle 3D
Expand your mind through tasks not of this earth!

A casual game in which players solve logic puzzles placed on 3D objects.

Projekt UE
The aim of the project is to create a ShareLock AR game that is a combination of the idea of an escape room and a smartphone game using Augmented Reality technology aimed at players of all ages. With the game, the company will launch a new product and start generating revenue.

Value of the project: PLN 1,220,427.00 (total expenses)
European Funds contribution: PLN 975,800.00.

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