VR training application for pilots



Our client wanted to improve the learning process for pilots and aircraft mechanics using their e-learning platform. Looking for a way to stand out from the competition and improve their student pass rate, they decided to add an interactive VR plug-in to their courses. To increase engagement, we also suggested adding gamification elements to the platform.


We have developed an e-learning platform with three modes: learning, training and exam.

In learning mode, users are presented with detailed 3D models of aircraft and their components, along with animations explaining the principles of their operation. The trainee is then guided step-by-step through all the necessary procedures required for the exam. To add gamification elements to the learning mode, we have included interactive quizzes and games that help users test their knowledge and practice specific skills.

In training mode, users can move freely through the simulated environment and practice the various procedures required for the exam. If they make a mistake, the system provides feedback to correct it. The purpose of this mode is to consolidate correct behavior patterns and increase the level of memorization of the various steps to be performed before taking off. To add gamification elements to the training mode, we created interactive games and challenges that help users practice specific skills or procedures, and offer rewards or achievements for completing them.

In exam mode, users are faced with a simulated exam that closely mirrors the reality of the real exam. At the end, users receive a report indicating any errors, and potential errors are linked to the corresponding module in study mode for users to review and resolve. To automate some aspects of the exam mode, we have implemented an automatic feedback system that provides users with personalized recommendations based on their performance. For example, if a user is having trouble with a particular skill or procedure, the system will recommend additional resources or exercises to help them improve.



The VR training application has been well received by pilots and aircraft mechanics using the e-learning platform. The interactive VR plug-in helped increase engagement and make the learning process more engaging and interactive. Gamification elements such as interactive quizzes, games and challenges were also popular and helped motivate users to learn and practice their skills. An automated feedback system helped personalize the learning process for each user, giving them the support and guidance they need to succeed. Overall, the VR training app has proven to be an effective tool for improving the learning process for pilots and aircraft mechanics.


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